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A fascinating new insight into the Bleek and Lloyd archive in Dorothea Bleek: A Life of Scholarship

Dorothea BleekWits Press is proud to present Jill Weintroub’s investigative biography of an important South African researcher and scholar, Dorothea Bleek: A Life of Scholarship:

Dorothea Bleek (1873 to 1948) devoted her life to completing the ‘bushman researches’ that her father and aunt had begun in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. This research was partly a labour of familial loyalty to Wilhelm, the acclaimed linguist and language scholar of nineteenth-century Germany and later of the Cape Colony, and to Lucy Lloyd, a self-taught linguist and scholar of bushman languages and folklore; but it was also an expression of Dorothea’s commitment to a particular kind of scholarship and an intellectual milieu that saw her spending her entire adult life in the study of the people she called ‘bushmen’.

How has history treated Dorothea Bleek? Has she been recognised as a scholar in her own right, or as someone who merely followed in the footsteps of her famous father and aunt? Was she an adventurer, a woman who travelled across southern Africa driven by intellectual curiosity to learn all she could about the bushmen? Or was she conservative, a researcher who belittled the people she studied and
dismissed them as lazy and improvident? These are some of the questions with which Jill Weintroub starts her thoughtful biography of Dorothea Bleek.

The book examines Dorothea Bleek’s life story and family legacy, her rock art research and her fieldwork in southern Africa, and, in light of these, evaluates her scholarship and contribution to the history of ideas in South Africa. The compelling and surprising narrative reveals an intellectual inheritance intertwined with the story of a woman’s life, and argues that Dorothea’s life work – her study of the bushmen – was also a sometimes surprising emotional quest.

The book makes for fascinating reading. It eschews academic jargon, reads well and will be of interest to a general educated readership. – Michael Wessels, author of Bushman Letters: Interpreting /Xam Narratives (2010)

A magnificent contribution to the broader understanding of the Bleek and Lloyd archive, both in so far as Dorothea’s own work is a part of it, and as she shepherded her father and her aunt’s work into the future in which it has become so valued. – Pippa Skotnes, artist, curator and author of Claim to the Country: The archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek (2007)

About the author

Dr Jill Weintroub has spent the past decade focusing on the biography and scholarship of Dorothea Bleek. She is Research Fellow at the Rock Art Research Institute at Wits University.

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